2011 m. vasario 20 d., sekmadienis

Tikra atgaiva man Londono mados savaitė. Ir J.W.Anderson kuriamas berniukiškos merginos įvaizdis sakantis" let's get back to punk ",auliniai Dr.Martens tipo batai ,trumpos kelnės ir ilgesni švarkai -paltai su skirtingo rašto rankovėmis , kailis ir oda.
Daug chaki ,juodos ,jūrinės mėlynos spalvos. Viskas sueina į tobula visa ko balansa .

Most of that was down to the way Anderson dealt with duality. He played it straightforward—or straight-backward. So what looked from the front like a pleated paisley skirt over pants turned out to be an apron from behind. A slimline variant on a man's overcoat was backed with a big black frill. The boyish knitwear was so formfitting it was practically sheer, which emphasized that it was actually a girl wearing it. Twisted and clever, if you gave it some thought. As twisted, in fact, as the little clerical collar that topped the sweaters. It was actually white latex.

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