2011 m. vasario 1 d., antradienis

Camel is the new rocknroll .I'm always impressed, when i see women walking in the street with the big oversize camel overcoat it looks so luxury and elegant .You can mix ,whatever you want with camel coat or jacket everything looks great .Just you need to be creative and you get perfect look .Of course you do not have to go for the traditional camel overcoat, because camel is everywhere this season. You can find blazers, denim, trenches, pea and duffel coats in this new colour way, so it can be easily integrated into your wardrobe and your personal style.

There are so many recent releases this year within knitwear, accessories and even footwear, so you should easily find a way to incorporate this colour into your look for Autumn/Winter. Also you do not have to use true camel in order to bring your outfits to life. Using camel tones such as beige, stone and cream, all have the same effect when paired with other true winter colours such as blacks, greys, indigo and even darker browns

So now i'm going to find a perfect camel overcoat for myself.

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