2011 m. sausio 2 d., sekmadienis

What would fashion week be without the darkened romance we have all come to love as, Givenchy. What’s slightly old becomes new again on the Parisian catwalk. Last Spring you would be lying if you said that you did not all give a care about Riccardo Tisci’s pairing of leggings and Bermuda shorts. Fast forward a year later, Tisci keeps the glorious union alive. Once again in leather and bold print.

With every Riccardo Tisci conjures up and proudly marks as his own, do you not find yourself with a slight urge to own all the footwear seen. Be it womenswear or men’s, the golden gladiator/leather gladiator has now come to play a strong roll within a Givenchy show. This season, studded on white and laced up on black black and glimmering gold pairs.

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