2011 m. sausio 9 d., sekmadienis

Christopher Kane women resort 2011 came as an art collection instead of a real resort, and it seems that the designer was inspired by the paint brush fashion art. This collection depended mainly on the short dresses, the designer used a summer pallet and many different short dresses to result in a perfect summer look.

He used all possible colors in this collection, and the desperate housewife style was obvious in the dresses too. There were all kinds of under knee and over knee dresses, they came so simple with shoulder strapes.

The over knee short dresses came with some kind of leather and cropped jackets, and the dresses were cropped around the waist.

He made some micro length dresses, completely simple without any details.
Other kind of short dresses came with plain leather jackets or some wavy details in the lower part.

Some dresses came in the shift dress style, and the others were shrunken under the breast. Some chiffon and silk details were used in the blouses used over the leather pants and the flowing suits.

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