2010 m. gruodžio 23 d., ketvirtadienis

The Selby dives further into video as he portrays Mitch Alfus, owner of Libra Leather, in his latest video production. The same intimate view that the photographer manages to capture of the people he takes pictures of, he also managed to communicate in this latest video production.

Full credit follow after the jump.

Directed by The Selby http://www.theselby.com
Producer Lauren Sherman
Executive Producer The Selby
Edited by Jenny Golden
Director of Photography Ed David
Sound Recordist Richard Gin
Music Supervisor William Eadon
Featuring Mitch Alfus

With Appearances By
Diego Hernandez
Eduardo E. Ayala
Fabricio Mora
Felippe Chavez
Germanico Santana
James R Vaisman
Jason McDermott
Jen Moore
Lauren Merkin
Mila Alfus
Michelle Wu
Rachel Soteros
Samantha Jones

Assistant Camera Albert Oh
Production Assistant Andrew McMullen

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