2010 m. gruodžio 8 d., trečiadienis

The palette here was moodier than Spring's, almost overcast: Even pop colors like salmon and violet were tinged with gray. Picking through current trends, Wu offered a silk shirt, color-blocked knits and dresses, and moments of militaria and menswear—all gussied up, of course, with ladylike flair. A cotton twill parka was detailed along the back and sleeves with lace and glittering beads. The "basic shirt" chez Wu? It's lace. The "houndstooth" striping on skirts and dresses? Actually a mini floral print. There were ruffle-skirted party dresses for the longtime devotees, but increasingly, sportswear—of the Geoffrey Beene variety, a designer he mentions frequently—is Wu's bag. And speaking of those: The accessories launched last season are back, with two new handbag shapes and several cigarette-heeled shoe styles, too.

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