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When it comes to Baroque, historical references, Louis XIV isn't the only king we have to pay homage to; one must also salute rock royalty like Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, and Marianne Faithfull. In the late '60s, these international idols had a well-documented penchant for opulent glamour, and the military-inspired outerwear, skinny scarves, and funky furs they favored are clearly visible in the Baroque aesthetic.

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MILAN,PARIS,LONDON,NEW YORK!!!!!THE MAN BAG. A place for the modern day gent to carry his life. Nowadays bag is a style essential that comes in many different shapes, sizes and materials and is now widely used.

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Summer heat!Strong color palette of Masai Red, Green Lagoon, Savannah Yellow and other vibrant colors

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