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The Real Man : Stefano Pilati

Rules of Style from Stefano Pilati Yves Saint Laurent’s new head designer on why you should expose your calves, listen to more R&B, and remember to just say no to yellow sports cars.

1. The biggest mistake you can make when dressing is to pretend you’re someone else. Proportions are everything. Don’t wear jackets with big shoulders if your shoulders are small. Don’t dress like a kid if you are old. Clothing should be a representation of a body, not a distortion of it. That said, I love women in men’s clothing.

2. Calves are a devastatingly undervalued body part. They are so beautiful. Women, at least, can wear skirts. But we have to wear our pants long, long, long. Why?

3. Men have a need for comfort that will always get in the way of their style. We are not used to suffering. Women will put on makeup in 90-degree weather; they will wear shoes that destroy their feet. We simply won’t do that. If it hurts, we just won’t put it on.

4. I find R&B music very sensual. It teaches men and women how to communicate sexually—all of a sudden he’s talking about his feelings and she’s talking about her feelings and then, well . . . it’s taught me a lot.

5. I don’t want to tell you that money will help you with women. I don’t want to tell you that money will help you with anything. I guess I’ll just say that it allows for a lot.

6. The sleek nineties aesthetic made sense to a lot of men. The black leather furniture, the fur blankets—it was easy. Now we have to work a little harder. The important thing is just to keep trying.

7. Your hands are a part of your body that you always show people. They are a big part of the first impression that you make. Get a manicure; it’s the respectful thing to do.

8. I don’t honestly think that there is a man alive who looks good with long hair.

9. Cars are like muscles. Now that I’m 40, I feel like I am ready to buy a vintage Ferrari. It’s a good and sporty car, but it’s also classy. I know there is ego involved, but it’s not like it’s totally vain. If I wanted a yellow Lamborghini, that would be different. That would be like having big muscles. I’d feel like a piece of meat.

So dark & sexy!!


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On the Street....The Artist Lunch, Paris


Alexander McQueen's Final Collection Presented in Paris

The last collection designed by Alexander McQueen before his death was shown in Paris, in a gilded salon at the headquarters of Francois Pinault. Models walked slowly and solemnly in the sixteen looks to haunting operatic music. Tears welled in the eyes of more than a few spectators, as the audience took in the opulent, detailed McQueen creations with inspirations ranging from Byzantine art and Old Masters paintings to the wood carving and sculpture of Grinling Gibbons.

The show notes ended with the words: "Each piece is unique, as was he." Two days from now, retailers will be invited to purchase a showroom collection consisting of 160 pieces.